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VanityFur is a pet grooming company based in the heart of Cumming, Georgia. We offer professional-level services when it comes to grooming your pet. Our motto is to use the best, most creative, and safest methods to groom your pet.

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Meet the Team



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I grew up in Powder springs on a small farm and have been passionate about my love for animals all of my life. After realizing that being a veterinarian was much too sad of a profession, surrounded by tragedy and death every day, I decided to go to college to become an architect, following my talent for technical drawing and art... but Architecture bored me. I finally found my perfect fit when I met my mentor and teacher Donna Haas of Puppy Toes Grooming. I left college and began my apprenticeship in 1985. I have never looked back! This is truly my calling and I am so blessed to have a job that I absolutely love, even after 32 years.



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Janice has been working with me as my assistant since August of 2015. She is a wonderful person, kind, caring and does a wonderful job. She lives on a small farm and is a long time resident of Cumming. She is an animal lover and considers herself lucky to be able to make a living doing something she loves. She often says she should pay me for all the therapy she receives from the pups!



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Autumn has been working with me just under a year. She is the daughter of one of my long time clients and had wanted to work with em since she was a little girl. The opportunity presented itself when my previous long time assistant, who I love dearly, lost use of her shoulder and sprained her back. Autumn stepped in like poetry in motion. I am truly blessed to have found someone to fill this very specialized job while being so gentle, kind and patient.

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About Us

Grooming for your best friend!

Welcome to personalized care for your furry family member! We offer a fully array of pet grooming services in Cumming, designed to suit your pet's individuals needs. In addition to dog grooming services, we offer stress reduced cat haircuts. We will make your pet look and feel their best!


When grooming your pet, we use the latest, and safest, methods and utensils to ensure your pet is comfortable and relaxed during their time in our care.


Our scheduling is very flexible, allowing us to work around the customer's busy schedules. In special cases, we will work around our normal schedule to meet the needs of our clients!

Low Prices

Our pricing is very competitive, and more often than not, lower than the competition. Because we are a home-based salon, we offer the highest quality products and personalized services at a lower price.

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